Vote for Dalton for Northborough BOS


To the Editor:
An ode to HIPAA for you are a LAW SO often easily confused and misused.  In the beginning, HIPAA was often used to confuse people into not having GROUP detail on COVID19. HIPAA protects patients’ right to privacy. But you’re not breaking the HIPAA law by discussing group numbers of people without names. Simple law, yet complex because it’s easy and often misused. As both a patient and someone that’s worked in the medical field having knowledge dating back to before the first medical claim became electronic, I know the laws which govern patients’ rights.

YOU, yes you need to send a message that the Pandemic stranded our seniors. Even worse now many of them suffer from Malnutrition. Geoff Kelly Saved Us.
I am blessed to “serve the Community Garden” at St Rose. What a legacy my nephew William Deady was building just 12 short years ago when for an Eagle Project he grew VEGETABLES.

Thanks To Northborough farm families Davidian and Tougas this legacy was born. Luckily William had great support from Grandma Nancy Dalton, Me (Thomas Dalton) his Aunt Susan and Uncle Michael McGoldrick,  and their children Megan, Patrick and Colleen, and naturally his family Beth, John, and JJ Deady. Thank you, Fr Houston and the St Rose of Lima church family.

‘TRANSPORTATION.’ Elderly people have a hard enough time relying on their friends when times are good to get to where they need to go. At first break of the Covid-19 major resources for our seniors were closed told NOT essential.
Anyone can visit here for 5 minutes and try to decide what a Disabled person or senior needs for a year. I live here and I see ‘OUR’ needs by the minute and constant issues that are never addressed.

Having a Brother that Served Senator Markey (Chief of staff) for 15 years. And having a Dad that worked both MIT and Raytheon I always have a feel for what’s coming.
Please vote to elect Thomas Dalton. You are all encouraged to cast your vote in ‘MY’ name.

Thomas Dalton