Dr. Novikov Wellness and Skin Care focuses on quality treatments and outcomes


By Liz Nolan, Contributing Writer

Dr. Novikov Wellness and Skin Care focuses on quality treatments and outcomes
Dr. Novikov Wellness and Skin Care staff

Northborough – Experience, expertise and quality treatment is what patients can expect at Dr. Novikov Wellness and Skin Care. The practice, founded by Dr. Mikhail Novikov, is located at 318 Main Street, Suite 165, in Northborough, and welcomes new patients as it adheres to the continued strict protocols and guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The office is a safe environment,” said Novikov. “Patient screenings are conducted to minimize possible exposure to COVID-19 and we have adapted to all safety protocols while providing quality care.”

During the last few months, the health care team quickly adapted to new technology changes, such as offering telemedicine and video conferencing.

Novikov and his staff offer full body skin exams and surgical dermatology treatments, such as skin tag, lipoma and cyst removal. In addition, he provides wound care, which is often delivered directly to patients residing in long term care and nursing home facilities.

He would like to be the first call patients make for skin problems as he can address non-urgent skin concerns at his office, which has updated diagnostic equipment for early detection of pre-cancer lesions. The providers are committed to identifying and treating precancerous lesions before it becomes skin cancer. If necessary, he will quickly refer patients to specialists and facilitate hospital care and surgery.

“If I don’t have enough experience, I will refer the patient to the proper specialist,” he said. “I will not pretend to know something. We are interested in the overall outcome.” 

Since the Northborough office opened in November 2018, the main focus of the practice continues to be quality based and not revenue based. It also provides the patient with convenience and cost savings.

He emphasized his practice can see patients quickly in comparison to the waits a dermatologist or general surgeon office may have. An emergency room visit and a higher copay can also be avoided by patients who make their first stop at Dr. Novikov Wellness and Skin Care.

Novikov offers two key points of advice. Preventative skin checks are important and as summer approaches, sunscreen is important.

“Protecting yourself from the sun is a long term investment in your health,” he said. “Sun exposure will result in sun damage. The damage won’t be seen right away. It may take 10-20 years.”

Novikov uses a multi-disciplinary approach to address a patient as a whole. Aspects that might have led to the condition, including diet, type of bed, and overall living environment are all considered. This nonstandard approach leads to better outcomes.

More information on all the services offered can be found at www.northborodoctor.com or follow the practice’s Facebook page. The office can be called directly at 508-936-1657 or email [email protected].

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