Officials address complaints regarding Marlborough’s Memorial Beach


By Vicki Greene, Contributing Writer

Officials address complaints regarding Marlborough’s Memorial Beach
WWII Memorial Beach
photo/Marlborough Economic Development Corporation

Marlborough – Online postings and comments to city officials were pouring in following a busy weekend at the city’s WWII Memorial Beach.  Residents have posted concerns about trash, parking and overcrowding this past weekend.

Responding to a question from City Councilor Sean Navin about resources allocated for the beach, Mayor Arthur Vigeant said during the Council’s June 22 meeting that he had been in discussions with Recreation Director Charles Thebado and the Department of Public Works (DPW) regarding the many complaints.

Vigeant told the Council that the DPW will be doubling its efforts on trash pickup at the beach. He spoke with Police Chief David Giorgi about overcrowding and parking.  Vigeant said the beach opened one week earlier than in years past because of more people being home from work and school due to COVID-19, combined with the heat, so many policies are taking effect this week.

The police will be posting temporary “No Parking” signs in the appropriate locations in the neighborhood around the beach.  The Beach is open to Marlborough residents only and a police officer will be stationed at the gate, particularly on weekends. Vigeant thought the overcrowding may be due to Hudson and other neighboring communities not opening their beaches this season, so non-residents may be visiting.

Once the parking lot is full, people will be turned away. Six lifeguards will start on Friday, June 26. The restrooms will be open and cleaned on a regular basis.

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