State Representative candidate Centurion correct in saying police should not be defunded


Dear Editor,

Where’s our State Legislative leadership?  I am rather disappointed that our State Representative has said nothing about the chaos in our cities. 

While I am outraged by the death of George Floyd, I am worried about the idea of defunding our police.  I cannot begin to imagine the chaos and crime that would result.  We have already seen a major increase in crime with DA Rachel Rollins not prosecuting certain crimes.  Without the police it would become total anarchy!

I am glad that Ingrid Centurion (R-Sudbury running for State Representative to represent Wayland, Sudbury, Framingham, and Marlborough) has had the courage to say that defunding the police is wrong.  As a multicultural candidate, I believe that she can bring people together with common sense ideas.  I am excited by her candidacy.  

Anton Teodorescu