By Abhi Thanikella, Mill Pond School sixth grade student, Westborough  

Abhi Thanikella

Once upon a time, 

a tan and brown house sparrow,

A jet





                 dark clouds 

Of toxic nitrous oxide

 to weave a nest

 for her future fledglings.


Sparrow toiled meticulously

weaving her straw nest, 

high above the slate rooftops. 


But she could not help but notice

As she peaked into the human’s nest

Families divided by screens 

Staring zombie-like

Still and barely breathing or 

Looking at

Each other


Every day she

Had to          


these humans,

Looking at screens.

Life was a struggle


One day, a disease

COVID-19, emerged.

Like a predator stalking its prey

Like a cage that 

Trapped the humans inside


No more traffic

No more nitrous oxide

No more fight for its life



Everything changed.

Human families reunited 

Humans looking eye-to-eye 

No more screens

No more zombies


Animals and birds

Returning from the shadows

Lakes and rivers

Become reflections of the sky


Life became a smooth river

Then Spring arrived.

Young flowers poked out of the ground

And faced the Sun

For the first time.

The scent of 

Flowers and grass

Wafted through the air

Her fledglings cracked through their shells.

The little sparrow

Knew this would not last

F o r e v e r

So she savored it


It lasted

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