Aero Coffee Roasters brings a new buzz to Northborough


By Liz Nolan, Contributing Writer

Aero Coffee Roasters brings a new buzz to Northborough
Aero Coffee Roasters layout is open and the retail area overlooks the roasting room.

Northborough – It all began with a vision and 23 years of experience in the coffee business. Aero Coffee Roasters located at 318 Main Street, Northborough opened in mid-May, and owner Peter Femino is excited to share his experiences with customers and provide them with a unique total bean to cup coffee experience. 

This is Femino’s third start up in the coffee business, previously operating four retail locations in downtown Boston for the past 15 years. Aero Coffee Roasters is the culmination of everything he has come to love in the coffee industry– roasting, customer interactions, and baking. 

He is aware of the market’s competitiveness, but his commitment to bring the full coffee experience to the customer is strong.

“The space is perfect; it has everything I need,” said Femino. “Although there are other coffee shops in town, none of them offer the total coffee experience under one roof that we will provide–coffee roasting, café, and bakery. You really need to come into the store to experience it.”

Hosting group cuppings is an important part of the business concept, but may need modifications due to current state restrictions.  

The cupping process entails identifying the flavors and characteristics of a coffee bean. A big illustration of the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel is on the wall. 

“I’m not a regular coffee drinker, but I can tell you everything about the coffees we offer,” he said. “My head roaster and I cup every coffee prior to bringing it in for production roasting. We encourage customers to try our coffee and to try to identify the cupping notes.”

Aero Coffee Roasters has an in-house pastry chef, who bakes everything from scratch. The cinnamon buns and scones have been popular and Femino is finding the balance between customer volume and variety until he can fully operate. Breakfast and lunch offerings and healthy smoothies are also available.

Femino’s other passion is cycling, which the décor highlights and is seen in the letter “O” in the logo–a cycling sprocket with a coffee bean inside. He encourages cycling groups to stop in to refuel. He founded The Pain in the Mass Tour, which is a one-day, 150 mile round trip from Amherst, Mass. to Mount Greylock. 

One positive outcome of opening during the pandemic is that Femino’s 13- year old daughter, Taylor, has been able to work with him. 

“She is hands on,” he said. “It’s been nice to bond over this experience and to spend time with her. It has brought us closer.”

Aero Coffee Roasters is open daily 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. The schedule will be adjusted as other businesses in the plaza open. Follow their Facebook and Instagram pages for discounts and promotions or view


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