Just another day


By Kendra Feder, Sixth grade student, Mill Pond School, Westborough

Kendra Feder

The girl wakes up with to the warm feeling of the sun on her face.

The sun bursting her eyes open into a squint-

She breathes in roughly and lets it out gently…….

She wants to hibernate more than a bear.

 She looks into the sky

 and sees…

 grey clouds 

Marching their way over her land and conquering it 

with bombs of rain

as she puts on her slippers.

Just another day, she says.

The girl stands up fighting the urge to fight with the clouds in her bed. 

The sun is fading away as the army of clouds crosses her way. 

She makes herself carry her ambition 

like a camel 

carrying a bag of tools

 on a  hot desert day.  

She holds back 

her temptation 

to walk back to her bed 

and nap

more than a   

bear in hibernation. 

She remembers the day before

Just another day, she says.

The girl takes a sip of water

Pushing down the feeling that makes her sleepy.

 – Not knowing what will come-

Just another day, she says.

The girl looks at her phone

Full of fake news and articles

Nothing different!

Just another day, she says.

She gets in her car and heads to work.

She pushes on the squeaky pedal that makes the same sound every day.

It sounds like a baby bird singing its first song.

She heads to the coffee shop with her computer and starts working.

Just another day, she says.

A week after the girl’s routine begins to drift off,

The girl stopped going to the coffee shop.

The girl stopped having to hear the everyday sounds of her squeaky pedal.

The girl stopped waking up early to the sight of the sun hitting her eyes.

The girl’s dreams of her days changing. 

The girl’s dreams of not going to work.

The girl just realized she was dreaming wrong.

This was just another day she says, In quarantine.