Kimberly Bagni, Four Seasons Realty Partners at LAER


Twelve years of experience working with buyers and sellers

Kimberly Bagni, Four Seasons Realty Partners at LAERBy Bonnie Adams, Managing Editor

Northborough –  As a Realtor for the last 12 years, Kimberly Bagni, of Four Seasons Realty Partners at LAER, believes that her job can be a likened to “putting a puzzle together that conveys a story”.  

“That story is about a story about YOU – as a seller or a buyer – and your WHY,” she said.  

Bagni brings to her clients a great depth of knowledge, with 12 years of real estate marketing, property management and promotion experience. She has worked with clients on everything from new construction, existing homes and historic homes, understanding the important nuances of each type. She is a specialist in real estate investment, home marketing and short sales and foreclosure. 

As credentialed as she is, Bagni also has a very personable and empathetic side that truly allows her to understand the needs of her clients.   

“Residential real estate is the business of helping clients buy and sell real estate but so many other pieces are an integral part of selling your home,” she said. “Getting to know you more on a human level, learning about your goals, dreams, and memories.”  

“In my role as ​Realtor I get to know your family members, your pets, and the nuisances of your home,” she added. “When showing your home to prospective buyers’ pieces of your family story is woven into every showing.”  

But for buyers, it is not always about the physical house itself, she noted, but rather the community at large. 

“One of the best things about my work is connecting all the pieces together,” she said. “What makes a community and its schools special, the best after school activities for the kids, the best places to shop, and get a haircut to name a few.” 

“Real estate is about the relationship we have with each other, the communities we serve, the families we serve, how we negotiate and communicate and help clients get to the next place they shall call home,” she added. 

Bagni also knows that many times it is emotions that can impact a real estate transaction. For most people, buying or selling a home is one of the biggest life decisions they will ever make – thus, emotions can run the gamut of elation, fear, sorrow and happiness. 

“Some days are difficult as we see the toll it takes on our sellers and buyers when deals fall apart.  We also witness the final chapter of a family moving out of their home and a new family moving in to begin their chapter,” she said. “It is a roller coaster of emotion, time, resources, and effort for all our clients but seeing you get your wish makes every difficult day a triumph!” 

Bagni of course promises her clients she will be with them every step of the way. She also  collaborates with other professionals such as attorneys, inspectors, accountants, and financial advisors to provide real estate expertise to help her clients get the best professional advice.  

She is a full time licensed Realtor in Massachusetts and is a member of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board and the National and MA Association of Realtors. Her education and certifications include Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor, NAR Green Designee and graduate of the American Real Estate Academy. 

To contact her, call or text 508-769-5258, email [email protected] visit