The cotton gin is not racist


The cotton gin is not racistTo the Editor:

I read the article on the front page of the July 3 issue (Westborough BOS agrees with changing town seal but cautions it will take time).  I then studied the cotton gin from every angle and its amazing how it screamed out at me racial injustice and slavery (not). Using that analogy (stretch) we should get rid of the US Supreme Court (Dred Scott decision), all the US currency with our forefathers who owned slaves and even the pro-slavery, pro- KKK, pro- Jim Crow Democrats who have a long history of denial of civil rights to our Black citizens. Someone with a backbone and a functioning brain should tell Charlene Tebo to take a seat (not a knee) because this issue is beyond ridiculous. Where does it stop? When we completely erase our history and burn our history books?


Donald Baima


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