Boston TV station ‘zips’ into Shrewsbury


By Melanie Petrucci, Senior Community Reporter

Boston TV station ‘zips’ into Shrewsbury
Boston 25 reporter Daniel Miller gets ready to broadcast with the help of cameraman Andy Devine
photo/Melanie Petrucci

Shrewsbury – Lake Quinsigamond provided a perfect backdrop for Boston 25 Morning News reporter Daniel Miller and videographer Andy Devine to set up for a Mini Zip Trip to Shrewsbury on July 24.

The duo chose a boat ramp at the Donahue Rowing Center on  North Quinsigamond Avenue  where they could see several people launching their boats on the warm summer morning.

Angela Snell, superintendent of public facilities and parks was looking on as Miller reported on the “many things that make Shrewsbury special.”

Normally the television station broadcasts live from a community for their Zip Trips. This year, of course because of the COVID-19 pandemic, that was not possible. So the crew shot segments ahead of time and then Miller introduced them during the July 24 broadcast.

“A couple of weeks ago another photo journalist and myself actually came here and we talked with Kristen Las, assistant town manager, about the town and the history and then some of the parks,” Miller said. “We then went around town and shot some video of the locations and the things that we are talking about today.”

Miller noted that he had not been to Shrewsbury before but was excited to be in town and noted that the Mini Zip Trips gave him a great opportunity to get to know the communities he visits.

“It’s unfortunate with the pandemic how things are but because of it we were not going to stop doing these because we felt like it was important for us to still  highlight  some of the wonderful things that the community has to offer,” he commented.

“Not only do we talk about the town as a whole but we honor local heroes and the food banks and things that people are doing in the community especially right now during such a difficult time,” he added.

Some of the notable things the program focused on were Dean Park, Lake Quinsigamond, General Artemus Ward, the Town Center and a small island in Mill Pond named after rap artist Busta Rhymes.

As Miller mentioned, local food banks are always highlighted. As such, the Worcester County Food Bank was showcased with a virtual fundraiser. To donate visit:

Although the station does not advertise ahead of time when they will be in town for the final broadcast, there were still “some” who were there observing,  he said.

“Normally we would advertise up until the Zip Trip morning but unfortunately, because we don’t want a crowd and want to be respectful…but we did have a group of geese!” he laughed.

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