College graduate from Hudson embarks on life and faith adventures


By Peg Lopata, Contributing writer

College graduate from Hudson embarks on life and faith adventures
Kaley with Biffy, 11 year old Papillon/Shih Tzu

Hudson – Though Kaley Infantino, 22, hasn’t moved much – she has lived in the same house in Hudson since she was born – she’s always up for an adventure.

“I love grabbing some friends and going on an adventure,” she said. “It could be anything from going on a road trip, flying somewhere for a getaway, taking a long walk, trying new things, cooking or baking fun foods, or having a game night.”

Her sense of adventure makes her perfect for her job as manager at PuzzlEscape, Hudson, which provides mini-adventures for their customers.

PuzzlEscape, an “escape room business” is like an amusement park with many funhouse rooms, each with a theme. But instead of just dashing here and there to get out, these rooms are filled with puzzles and riddles that customers solve to escape a room. Infantino manages bookings and staff, trainings, answers customer questions, helps with party planning and more. She’s dedicated to making sure customers have fun.

“In my opinion, making it fun and engaging can really make or break your experience…,” said Infantino, “which is why we do what we can to make sure every customer has a great experience.

“What I truly love about my work is I’m always experiencing something new or learning something new. This job has even sharpened my innovation skills. I know a typical nine-to-five office job is not one for me.”

Infantino recently graduated with a degree in business management with a concentration in entrepreneurship and a minor in marketing at Framingham State University, but her learning and personal growth continues.

College graduate from Hudson embarks on life and faith adventures
Kaley Infantino

“Every summer my church hosts Vacation Bible School for kids,” she noted. “It’s one of my favorite weeks of the summer because I love working with kids. I love seeing them creating friendships and getting excited to learn about God.”

Infantino also participates in missions with a group called Overland Missions in Florida. During the summer of 2019, Infantino went on a mission for a week in Africa and six weeks in Asia.

Overland Missions brought two inspiring people into Infantino’s life, who were mentors during some challenging times when she was in high school.

“They introduced me to Overland Missions and really opened my eyes to what is possible with God,” she said. “They inspire me is because they truly care about every individual they meet and do everything they possibly can to help those around them. It is so clear they walk with the love and joy of Christ and it inspires me to want to do the same.”

Like many young adults, Infantino is trying to figure out what she wants for the rest of her life.

“I’ve been working on silencing other people’s voices in my head and listening to my own more,” she said. “I really want to live my life like Jesus lived his. I want to show love and compassion to everyone around me.”

Whether it’s being a responsible leader for kids, making customers happy, or sharing her faith, Infantino’s life is certain to be full of adventure.





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