Facts about renewable energy


To the Editor:

I am writing this in response to the viewpoint offered by Amber Ali (Legislators should support renewable energy act, July 17, 2020) on the renewable energy act. While it is commendable young people like her take an interest in the world around us it is at least as important that they investigate all aspects of the discussion before committing to a position as extreme as hers. (Her position is probably a damning statement on the quality of our science education in our schools.)

Rather than go through a whole litany of the reasons the green energy religion is just that, a religion, let me give you one absolute fact. During the hot days of our last heat wave 90 percent of the electricity in New England was produced by natural gas and nuclear. (Natural gas was about 70 percent and nuclear about 20 percent). Of the remaining 10 percent about 4 percent was from solar and wind with wind being most of that. And of course that night solar was zero. (This paltry contribution from solar and wind even after many years and many millions of dollars spent on them). And it’s the same people who tout the benefits of green energy who are actively trying to close down the nuclear generating facilities which in fact produce the vast majority of the green energy.

These facts says nothing about the energy used for transportation (vehicular, boat and air travel) and the many irreplaceable uses required of industry.

Now, is at all reasonable to really expect that by a stroke of a pen the legislature can change this? I think science will prove otherwise.

And if the young people of today really want to be concerned about their health don’t do what my generation has done. Don’t smoke, don’t use alcohol to excess, don’t do drugs, don’t get fat, and do exercise. Good health throughout your life will follow.

David Maidrand