Hudson artist has no time for regrets


By Peg Lopata, Contributing Writer

Hudson artist has no time for regrets
Ron Tango


Hudson – Some painters are inspired to paint things they see. Other painters, such as Ron Tango, 56, finds inspiration within.

“My muse is life’s experiences, travails with people, emotions, passion, love, sorrow and more,” said Tango. “I’m a union carpenter by trade, but a full-time artist in my heart.”

With encouragement from his twin brother, who also paints, and inspired by the world’s masterpiece paintings, Tango took up acrylic painting about 10 years ago. His path to the creative life was driven by his own desire; he had no formal art education and a difficult childhood.

“Truthfully, I kind of raised myself,” said Tango.

A native of Massachusetts, he grew up in Dorchester and Newton.

“Two different worlds,” said Tango, “but both important, and both had positive influences on my life. I wouldn’t trade those times for anything.”

Hudson artist has no time for regrets
Hares at Dawn

An early-in-life decision not to pursue art studies did not deter Tango to pursue painting when he was older.

“I think that was the worst advice I was given about art – from myself!” he said. “It was what I really enjoyed, but I didn’t want to be a starving artist.”

Tango has no regrets, however.

“Regret is no friend,” he said.

Luckily, he never forgot the encouragement from a high school art instructor.

“I told her – regarding art assignments – that producing art requires a desire or want to do so, for it to be at its best. She agreed with my new-found philosophy and adjusted my assignments.  I never forgot it.”

He seemed to have left art behind after high school; he went on to a career, marriage and a family. An important part of his life is his wife and his son, 32, disabled from a rare illness.  “He’s an inspiring writer, tough, and a very smart young man, whom I’m very proud of,” said Tango.

Art returned to his life indirectly while attending Wentworth Institute in Boston, where he took construction management courses.

Hudson artist has no time for regrets

“When I could, you’d find me at the Museum of Fine Arts,” said Tango. “I love art.”

He was inspired by such masters as Gustav Klimt, Johannes Vermeer and Leonardo da Vinci.  Tango also learned about the great art periods and bears them in mind in his own work.

“My style is influenced by baroque, romantic, and modern,” he explained.

Whatever inspires him and his style, he seizes creative moments spontaneously.

“I paint to relax, escape, to smile, to express, enjoy, and share,” Tango explained. “It is a way to explore myself. I enjoy the energy and aspect of creating a feeling – bringing an emotion to form.  My art is very personal. Some paintings contain riddles and have significant meanings to me.”   Tango is also an accomplished crafter and builds one-of-a-kind bird houses, all out of recycled exotic hardwoods.

Tango’s birdhouses and his paintings can be seen on his website, and on Instagram.

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