A Roll of the Dice


By Vanshika Seku – Mill Pond School sixth grade student, Westborough

A Roll of the Dice
Vanshika Seku




The sun peeked out behind the billowing clouds,

a stream of happy light danced on her shoulders,

Warmth and joy filled her heart


Yet in the distant horizon, 


rolled the dice

while thunder 

roared above.


“You have no school today,” said her mom with anxious eyes.

“A contagious virus is spreading around the world.”

“But it will be okay,” she made it clear.

But her eyes lied.


The young girl’s face falls into the bed, 

She hides her tears and her dread 

Worry grabbed her by her shaking shoulders

 And stayed.. For awhile….


Sorrow filled her mind.

Joy went to bed.


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