Further discussion re: claims of clean energy


Further discussion re: claims of clean energyTo the Editor: 

Today, renewable solar and wind energy represent big business worth billions of dollars per year.  Investment giants like Bloomberg New Energy Finance and Lazard Asset Management serve corporate investors and advocate for the illusive advantages of wind and solar energy.

Solar’s claim to be approaching a cost parity with the power-grid, overlooks the federal subsidies and state-imposed mandates placed on the rate payer.  Meanwhile, the cost of natural gas is less than $2 per million Btu.  Natural gas is known for burning clean; thereby, emitting minimal pollutants for the quantity of electricity produced.  For the past 15 years energy conservation and substitution of natural gas for coal have significantly reduced U.S. CO2 emissions.

We know the stability of the electric-grid is a necessity, because grid failures cost the economy millions.  The deterrence of blackouts must be of the highest priority.  Daily power interruptions are prevented as operators pursue excess generating capacity – called “spinning reserve.”  This reserve must be available within seconds during any disruption in electricity supply.  To ensure an uninterruptable flow of electricity to all consumers, solar installations require a stable electrical grid; currently supported by gas-fired electric generation.  

According to ISO-New England, we have relatively few natural resources for producing electricity. Therefore, our region requires attention to its energy delivery infrastructure, in order to sustain the growing number of natural-gas fired power generation facilities needed for continued electric grid stability.

If we believe the claims of a forthcoming climate catastrophe, caused by CO2 emissions, the solution is clearly not solar electricity.  Even James Hansen, the father of the “global warming catastrophe,” believes nuclear energy is the only practical method of reducing CO2 emissions. 

Finally, as a former utility employee, I observed how MASSPIRG became a formable opponent to utility growth in the 1970s.  Their hidden agenda continues to coerce government agencies in the advance of left-wing environmental policies.  If these well-organized political groups insist upon promoting flawed policy, our politicians will accommodate them; and our children and grandchildren will have to endure the economic consequences.


Robert Groce



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