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By Barbara Allen, Contributing Writer 

Fitts Insurance
Fitts Insurance is located at 2 Willow St., Southborough.

Southborough – Several years ago, Fitts Insurance put changes in place to keep their employees safe by enabling them to work from home during severe weather. During the COVID-19 pandemic, that access to remote technology has allowed the agency, despite the physical office being closed to in-person visitors, to continue to meet the insurance needs of their clients, with staff readily available by phone or email.

“We were able to quickly move to 100 percent remote operations when the statewide shutdown began,” explained the company’s president, Christopher Fitts.

Fitts Insurance also updated their website to include, on their home page, helpful links to resources, recommendations and information designed to support clients during this uncertain time.

Caring for those they insure is nothing new for Fitts Insurance. The agency, which has been in business for almost 90 years, prides itself on its client relationships.

We want to forge long term relationships with our clients where they trust in us to provide them with proper protection while looking out for their financial interest when it comes to premiums,” noted Fitts.

Fitts Insurance provides all lines of coverage for businesses and families. Home, auto, boat, snowmobile, valuable items, and umbrella coverage are among the insurance options available for families.  

The agency is one of the largest providers of marine (boat or watercraft) insurance in the northeast. Fitts explained that watercraft coverage differs from home and auto insurance, in that it is designed to address exposures specific to boat owners.

“Too many boat owners rely on an endorsement from their homeowner’s insurance to cover their watercraft,” he observed, adding, “In most cases that leaves them woefully underinsured. We work with insurance products that are specific to the marine marketplace to make sure our clients are adequately protected.”

For businesses, there is an exhaustive list of insurance coverage available, but Fitts mentioned Employment Practices Liability and Cyber Liability as coverages which have become increasingly popular.

He cautioned prospective clients against selecting the cheapest insurance option. 

“Cheap insurance will almost always cost you more in the long run,” Fitts noted. “If saving $80 per year by choosing the lowest premium option makes you feel good, how does having to pay $850 out of pocket because that cheaper policy didn’t provide better coverage make you feel? By representing multiple carriers, we do the shopping for our clients. When Company A significantly increases rates, we can shop around to make sure our clients are getting the best deal.”

Consider the motivation of the person selling them insurance, he advised.

“Are they looking to provide valuable service from a protection standpoint or are they looking to sell you something?” Fitts asked. “While we certainly want to sell insurance to our clients, our account manager’s number one responsibility is to look out for the wellbeing of our clients.”

And with the agency’s over 90 percent client retention average, “…We’re doing something right,” Fitts observed.

Fitts Insurance is located at 2 Willow Street, Southborough. For more information, visit their website at or call 888-697-6542.


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