Vote Ceylan Rowe for State Representative Worcester’s 12th District


To the Editor:

I wanted to personally put my support for Ceylan Rowe for Rep out there. I have known Ceylan as a Northboro mom for awhile and was absolutely impressed with her level of civic engagement and commitment as a citizen to fight for bills at the State House that she was passionate about.

She asked me to join her campaign last November and I didn’t have any hesitation. I believe this says a lot as I am incredibly picky about endorsing a political candidate. I have never helped with a campaign before due to the level of integrity, hard work and ethics I expect from a candidate.

I believe her long list of endorsements show that other groups are seeing exactly what I saw in Ceylan and the need to have someone like her in the State House.

She is transparent. She didn’t need to think about signing a transparency pledge it was one of the first things she did as she began her campaign.

The things she believes in she backs up by who she takes money from (no lobbyists or corporate PACs). She has 100% individual donations to her campaign.

She is one of the hardest working people I have met and she is completely approachable and committed to being available to constituents. When she first mentioned to me her desire to hold town halls and forums so her district knew what was happening and had a chance to discuss potential bills I was blown away. She has been hosting these forums already every Wednesday on Zoom for people to get to know her and ask questions. Over the last 9 months I have watched her go to every town in the district to talk to its residents, attend the meetings, hear the concerns. I often would joke with her if she was sleeping at all. Her entire heart and soul is in this race and it is in it for our community.

Northboro has completely been in the shadows with no representation from our representative. It is time we elect someone who wants to represent all 6 of the districts they are responsible for. In addition Ceylan brings to politics the type of ethics, integrity and transparency that people have been wanting in politics. This is our chance to make those qualities a reality in our representation.

Northboro residents I urge you to vote for the change we need in politics and the representation we deserve.


Sherry Clark