Shrewsbury Selectmen select parties for proponent and opponent arguments for ballot questions


By Melanie Petrucci, Senior Community Reporter

Shrewsbury – Proponent and opponent arguments for two ballot questions pertaining to the Community Preservation Act (CPA) initiative and authorization to borrow funding for the proposed police building and municipal campus were selected at the Board of Selectmen’s Sept. 8 meeting. 

Board chair Beth Casavant said that the proponent of the CPA initiative will be written by the Community Preservation Shrewsbury Committee. 

The Board also approved Benjamin Tartaglia as the designee for providing the opposing statement, as he was the only voter who came forward to offer to do the opposing statement. 

Selectmen Moe DePalo shared in a phone call after the meeting that Jason Molina, ballot committee member, will write the statement on behalf of the proponent.

The Community Preservation Shrewsbury Committee is seeking for the town to “opt-in” by adopting the Community Preservation Act that they believe will enhance outdoor recreation, protect open space and support historic preservation and affordable housing.

No letters were received to write the opposing statement regarding the ballot question to authorize borrowing for the police building project. This task will fall to Town Counsel Stephen F. Madaus.

The proponent statement will be written by the newly formed Community Supporters for Public Safety Committee. 

Statements for and against for both ballot questions are due in the Town Manager’s office by Wednesday, Sept. 23.