Shrewsbury’s Paton School PTO helps students prepare for new year


Staples’ customers also donated over $12,000 in supplies 

A student picks up her bag.

Shrewsbury – On Sept. 9, members of the Shrewsbury Paton School PTO passed out to nearly 200 of the school’s students a “Remote Learning Bag.” Included in the bags, which varied by grade level, were such things as mini whiteboards, whiteboard markers, crayons, notebooks, pencils, scissors, glue sticks, and folders. 

The donations, according to Jane O. Lizotte, EdD, the school’s Principal, who is also the Assistant Superintendent for Community Partnerships and Well-Being, were from the school’s PTO and Staples in Shrewsbury.

Each bag had an inspiring message for the students.

“[Staples] donated over $12,000 in school supplies to our schools this year, thanks to their daily collection at the Shrewsbury store!” she noted.

An inspiring message from the “Winnie the Pooh” character “Christopher Robin” was also printed on the bags – “You are braver than you believe; stronger than you seem; and smarter than you think.”  


Social distancing was adhered to at the bag pick up.