Westborough High student looks forward to attending school in person


Westborough High student looks forward to attending school in personTo the Editor: 

I attend Westborough High School as a junior. I would like to express my sincere opinion on the re-opening of public schools throughout the state. When I first found out that it would be possible for us to return to in-school class this year, I was a little bit nervous because I had read about the COVID-19 cases that were spreading through re-opening universities; however, once I learned more about our hybrid schedule and the safety precautions they are taking I became much more enthusiastic. Being able to see my friends and talk with them in person during the school day is going to be so much better than staying at home and being required to stare at an electronic face all day. I am also very happy that I can meet my teachers in person instead of online, because I can’t really learn about who a person is without meeting them in person. 

On the other hand, I don’t look forward to being required to wear masks for all periods of the day. We have been told that there will be mask breaks. While I have worn my mask for long periods of time during my summer job I have a strong feeling that it will get uncomfortable very quickly in the hot classrooms. I recognize that we need to wear our masks around other people, but that doesn’t mean I look forward to it. I hope other schools are allowing mask breaks or outside classes as well so that no one has to be stuck inside a warm building with a mask.

I anticipate that we will quickly get into the flow of our new schedules at Westborough High and I can’t wait until we can be back to full time schooling, but until then I can accept the changes and the work everyone has done to allow the re-opening of our public schools.

Riley Clark