Community Preservation Act will improve quality of life in Shrewsbury


To the Editor: 

The establishment of a Community Preservation Fund will appear as a ballot question for Shrewsbury residents on the upcoming election on November 3, 2020. This fund will receive money from the state for various projects including recreation, open space protection, historic preservation, and affordable housing. 

I urge Shrewsbury citizens to vote yes on this ballot question. In considering the preservation of open land space, it is most clear that plant and wild animal life would thrive and open space would generate a cleaner and more plentiful water supply for the town. 

Preservation of open land space would also decrease water consumption and ease the strain on the sewer system because construction of home and business structures would be regulated and could be decreased. This could also lead to school, police, and fire department budgets that would require smaller increases. 

The yearly average assessment per homeowner will be $47.21; 50% of all homeowners will have a yearly assessment that is less than $41.64.  

A yes vote will improve the quality of life for all Shrewsbury residents.


Charles Garabedian, Ph.D.