Vote Yes for Community Preservation Act in Shrewsbury


Vote Yes for Community Preservation Act in ShrewsburyDear Friends and Neighbors, 

My name is Marcia Pereira, and I am in favor of the Community Preservation Act. Please vote YES on Article 4 on or by November 3rd

As a long-time town meeting member, I feel the Community Preservation Act (CPA) is good for our community.  Affordable housing has been a perennial topic at town meeting.  CPA can help Shrewsbury create and support low income housing for our residents, especially our senior citizens. 

I have been a Shrewsbury resident for over 40 years.  I moved here from Newport, RI where history and preservation are part of everyday life. For example, historic markers on landmarks may seem like a small thing, but they connect us to the past and each other as we share our hometown heritage.  I would like to expand the preservation of our town’s culture in a responsible, affordable way by accessing funds from the Community Preservation Act.

I value the outdoors. Nature is beautiful. I want to preserve and improve the outdoor spaces in our town.  As a founding member of the Friends of Prospect Park, I understand the need for additional resources to protect and preserve open spaces and provide recreation facilities for all of us to enjoy.  I value the local, open outdoor spaces Shrewsbury has to offer. COVID-19 pandemic restrictions continue to teach me to cherish these places.

Vote YES for the Community Preservation Act on or by November 3. Thank you! 


Marcia Pereira

Precinct 6 

Town Meeting Member


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