(Another) Shrewsbury history mystery


By Michael Perna Jr., Contributing Writer

(Another) Shrewsbury history mystery
Who do these pins belong to?
Photo/Michael Perna Jr.

Shrewsbury – Two recently acquired high school-type pins have created (another) Shrewsbury “history mystery!”

The pins reportedly came from an estate sale held in town and, according to the person who bought them, were supposed to have belonged to a young female high school student that attended Shrewsbury High in the 1940s. 

As can be seen in our photograph, one appears to have signified a basketball player/cheerleader.  The other might have been used by a member of the boy’s crew team to “pin” his girlfriend. 

The mystery is:  Who did the pins belong to?  The buyer couldn’t identify the family name or location of the estate sale, only that the location was “not near the center of town.” Initial research indicates that cheerleading didn’t begin at the high school until the late 1940s, so that might narrow the search a bit. 

If this seems like it might be a very difficult task (identifying the owner), we might recall another instance within the past few years, when a high school class ring was found at the bottom of Lake Quinsigamond.  Through the year on the ring and initials inscribed on it, the original owner (long deceased) was identified (click here for that story)!  

Hopefully some further research will reveal the original owners of our “mystery pins”. 

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