Inclusion offers much in way of diversity


Inclusion offers much in way of diversityTo the Editor:

I was disappointed to read the account of the Sept. 14, 2020 Hudson Board of Selectmen meeting. While pleased to read that there was attention given to seeking to improve diversity, address discrimination and gain broad engagement, I was shocked that Selectman Scott Duplisea took Tina Grosowsky’s fervent belief that “if you’re not doing something to help and make change for people who are not white, you are contributing to the problem” as a call for him to apologize for being white.

I do not feel like I need to apologize for being white. And my friends, colleagues, neighbors, and acquaintances should not have to apologize for being Black or Brown. We need more sensitivity in our communities. Inclusion offers so much in the way of diversity in both our personal and professional lives. Inclusion is not requesting an apology, but an invitation for all of us together to be more than we are by ourselves.

We are responsible for how we show up and defensive is not healthy or productive for anyone.

Working to be part of the solution,


Elaine Gjeltema


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