Vote Yes on Question 1 – Right to Repair



To the Editor:

I have owned an independent mechanic’s shop for 45 years and have seen cars go from no computers to almost everything having a sensor. We need access to this data to fix and maintain your car properly. Car manufactures don’t want us to have this information which forces you to dealerships. Big auto is using the next generation of wireless technology to get around the current law and shut out independent repair shops. That’s not what we voted for. If you think their prices are high now, wait until they don’t have competition. I have built trusted relationships with three generations of customers.

I am urging everyone to vote Yes on Question 1 / Right to Repair. If this law doesn’t pass, we will be shut out of this vital information. Cars need to be scanned so we know what has to be fixed.

Dealers are using scare tactics to sway your vote. Here are some facts;

We only pull your car’s data. We don’t collect, so we can’t sell, your data.

We don’t see your personal data.

We can’t take control of your car and crash it.

They keep fixating on Hackers. Professional hackers can get into government, bank, and credit card files. Don’t you think they can get into the dealer’s files as well?

Question 1 is about you having a say/choice as to where you take your car for repairs. Support your local businesses. This keeps jobs in your town, and shops from closing. (We can’t survive on oil changes alone).

It’s your car, you should decide where you want it fixed.

Don’t forget to VOTE!


Richard Meisenheimer

All Car Care/Southborough