Marlborough completes LED streetlighting retrofit project


Marlborough – The city of Marlborough recently finished replacing 2,711 streetlights, reducing a projected 800,000 kWh. for an annual savings of $80,000 through National Grid’s energy efficiency program.

“We are always seeking effective ways to save our residents money through sustainability programs. These improved streetlights emit ample lighting, use less energy and last a lot longer,” said Mayor Arthur Vigeant. In a press release.

According to National Grid, the fixtures are dark sky compliant, meaning that they are designed to produce significantly less light trespass than the high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures which they replaced. The work started in the spring of 2019 and recently was completed.

“The City appreciates their partnership with National Grid and looks forward to additional programs that maximize service while reducing energy and our carbon footprint,” Vigeant added.  For more information, contact the Mayor’s Office at 508-460-3770.