Hudson settles with companies regarding town’s water


Hudson – On October 29, 2020, the town of Hudson executed a settlement agreement with Boyd Coating Research Co., Inc., Precision Coating Co. Inc. and Dylan LLC, regarding releases of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (“PFAS”) from the manufacturing facility at 51 Parmenter Road that adversely impacted the Town’s public drinking water. As part of the settlement, Precision will transfer to the Town ownership of the granulated activated carbon treatment system that has been removing PFAS from the Cranberry Bog Well since July 2019 (a value of $1,600,000), and the three parties will provide $1,625,000 toward the Town’s on-going maintenance and operation of the municipal drinking water system. The three companies are also obligated to continue to perform assessment and remediation of PFAS releases at and from 51 Parmenter Road under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan with oversight by MassDEP. 

Since initiating treatment in July 2019, Hudson has been able to maintain PFAS concentrations in public drinking water below the Massachusetts health advisory levels, and the water is also in compliance with the maximum contaminant level for PFAS that was recently promulgated by MassDEP on October 2, 2020.