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By Michelle Gillespie

With winter just around the corner, the fireplace takes on greater importance in the sale of a home.  The warm glow of a fire on a cold winter night can be magical.

One of the most popular requests from buyers is a fireplace when purchasing a home. People love   the ambiance that a blaze provides, while others rely on their fireplaces to keep them warm and cozy during cold winter months. Many homes in New England have fireplaces, but for the ones that do not, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to install them.  It is becoming a sought-after amenity and homes boasting this feature see the benefit when selling a home.

Your fireplace is the focal point when people come to see your home and should complement the rest of your home. That is why it is important to make sure that the look of your fireplace has been updated and is working properly. Yearly cleanings are important to maintaining a good fireplace or wood and pellet stove.

During your yearly cleaning, ask the company you hired to check out the exterior chimney. All too often there are some repairs that need to be done, from loose bricks to repointing the chimney.  Investing into this yearly maintenance will make a difference when you decide to sell your home.

An older-looking fireplace that looks like an eyesore can be easily updated. You can do a lot to enhance a fireplace before selling your home. Begin by looking at the rest of the room and see what statement you want to make with the fireplace.


Let’s talk about transforming your fireplace

Transformative materials that are easy to work with include tile, manufactured stone, granite, marble and wood.  Lately, what has become extremely popular is painting over old, red brick which will make a huge improvement on the look of the fireplace. You could also consider resurfacing over the bricks or looking into different painting techniques such as faux painting.

A stone fireplace can set a home apart and significantly improve resale value. Adding a mantel will frame and enhance the fireplace. There are so many styles and designs for mantels from modern and traditional to craftsman. Keeping the mantel clean and uncluttered is also a must. You want the focal point to be the fireplace. It is fine to decorate with a few accessories but try not to distract from the fireplace itself.


Now onto the popular gas fireplace

I have been listing and selling homes for over 16 years. By far one of the most popular requests is a gas fireplace fueled either by natural or propane gas. You see them more in homes and they are a popular request from buyers and easy to use. Plus, they can be installed just about anywhere in the home. There is no need for a chimney, wood or even matches with this type of fireplace and there is no mess to clean up, either. Most recently I listed a home with a gas fireplace. At first, because of the style, I thought it was a wood or pellet stove but was pleasantly surprised it was a gas stove. The heat generated from the stove was great and the stove was a nice added feature for the family room.


Another option to consider is an electric fireplace

An electric fireplace is often the least expensive option, reasonably easy to install and more advanced than earlier models. Technology has made them more beautiful than ever, and many can be operated by remote control. Users can turn on both the flame and heat, or just one. Another benefit is that they can be operated year-round in any climate and are easy to clean and maintain.

Finally, regardless of the season, a fireplace should be kept clean and in good working order. You want the buyer to feel great about that room, knowing they can move in and sit in front of that wonderful fireplace. There are very few things as warm and inviting as a fireplace.


Celebrating Veterans Day

During the month of November we take the time to remember our veterans for their service for our country. Many veterans live within our neighborhoods and communities going about their daily lives without many of us knowing about their service and sacrifice for our country. I am a founding member of Boros Cares for Troops along with Leslie Arsenault, Karen Brewster and Beth Davison. This year we started on a quest to honor our veterans with the Hometown Heroes Program. Our mission is to display banners of veterans who have served both active and inactive, along our Main Streets connecting one community to another.  If you would like to donate to this very worthy project, please send your donation to Boros Cares for Troops Hometown Heroes, PO Box 304, Northborough, MA 01532 or visit for more information. We truly appreciate your support.


In closing….

The inventory is exceptionally low, and as you know buyers are out there looking for homes to purchase. I am meeting with sellers to list their home. If you want to sell your home this year or early spring, let me help you stage, prepare and sell your home while attracting the most buyers.


If you are thinking of selling your home, please call me, Michelle Gillespie, at 508-934-9818 or email [email protected]. Visit my website at for more information.


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