Shrewsbury woman shares love, one lasagna at a time


By Melanie Petrucci, Senior Community Reporter

Shrewsbury woman shares love, one lasagna at a time
Margie White is a “Lasagna Mama”.

Shrewsbury – Lasagna is one of those comfort foods that for some invokes a sense of warmth and love. For Shrewsbury resident Margie White, 63, that’s what lasagna represents. She has been making lasagna since she was 14 years old. Most recently she has been making them for families in need through the Lasagna Love organization.

White was inspired when she saw a story on the organization, Lasagna Love on NBC’s “Today Show” in September. The group, founded earlier this year by Rhiannon Menn, a mom and a chef, aims to help other moms who have been impacted by the pandemic.

“Of course, I love lasagna, and when I heard Lasagna Love I perked up,” White reflected.

The groups helps to address the rise of food insecurity among families, but also to provide love and kindness during a time full of incredible uncertainty and stress.

According to the Lasagna Love website,, the movement sprang from Menn’s blog “Good to Mama” which is a resource for help for mothers in her community. She started making and delivering meals to families in her neighborhood who were struggling financially, emotionally and/or were just simply overwhelmed.

Menn pivoted to making lasagna when the pandemic hit and her grassroots effort has grown into a national movement.

“When I watched her story, I thought this is really something that I want to do. Food insecurity breaks my heart and when I see the lines on the news at the food banks…this is what I need to be doing,” White explained.

She has since become a regional leader and hopes to spread awareness about this organization to help families in Shrewsbury and its surrounding towns.

“We are here, we need volunteers and we also need recipients,” she noted. “And it doesn’t have to necessarily be food insecurity, it could also be a front-line worker, maybe someone who is working in a hospital. Its anybody who could use a hand.”

Other possible recipients could be first responders or a family with working parents whose kids are learning remotely. Or even anyone that “might have a night when they just can’t throw a meal together.”

White stated that they are always looking for new cooks and the commitment can be anything you’re comfortable with and you choose the frequency and number of deliveries as well as your delivery area.

And it’s not just Mamas that can cook. Papas are more than welcome too. The idea is to supply those in need with a lasagna but some cooks have included a salad, bread and a dessert but that is not necessary nor expected.

There are other ways to help if cooking is an issue. The organization is accepting donations through their website. Any and all help is appreciated because everything they do is out of pocket. To make a donation locally, contact White at [email protected].

She added, “We are feeding families and spreading kindness during a time that is very uncertain for a lot of people so I think that makes people feel really happy and that somebody cared.”

It only takes a moment to request a meal through their website. Best of all, the lasagnas are made with love.


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