Changes needed for Westborough High School track’s lighting


Letter to the Editor logoTo the Editor: 

We are writing in response to the Community Advocate online article dated January 7th, 2021 regarding the Westborough School Committee’s defense of the lighting at the high-school fields.

Neighborhood residents have been asking the school to share their protocol for management of the lights and sound, and the scheduling/control of night games, for 3 years and still have received nothing.  Those who live near the track see the lights on during snow, sleet and rain, with no one on the track, despite what the meeting members stated.

There are creative solutions which many of us have seen at other facilities and could be implemented in Westborough, including having a switch that users can activate, with a timer that turns them off at a set period of time.  Another is to have a set of lower lights for walkers, that do not have as serious an impact on the neighbors as the banks of field lights that blare into people’s backyards and bedroom windows. 

The school speaks of respecting the neighbors, but many of us have seen little evidence of this, and without a voted upon, management protocol, which the school seems not willing to provide, there is not even a launching point for discussion. 



Luanne Crosby and R. Christopher Noonan


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