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Submitted by Stewart Medoff, Founder and Owner 

Stewart Medoff, Founder and Owner of Hudson Trading and Loan and Manager Dana Balthazar
Stewart Medoff, Founder and Owner (l) and Manager Dana Balthazar
Photo/Cindy Merchant

Hudson – Hudson Trading and Loan was opened in 1997. We have been serving Hudson and the surrounding communities for 24 years. My manager, Dana Balthazar, grew up here and has deep roots in the community. I have over 40 years in this business.

Our business is constantly evolving. Right now we are concentrating on gold and silver.  Together with our wholesale business, Hudson Metals Trading, we are the largest buyer of precious metals in Metrowest. Due to our volume buying we are able to pay top dollar. We buy karat gold jewelry in any condition, gold and silver coins and bullion. With Christmas credit card bills due soon, selling to us is a good way to generate cash.

We also sell gold and silver coins and bullion. We make collateral loans on gold and silver jewelry, coins and bullion. We offer competitive prices with the online sellers. Often we sell for less than they do. Of course, there are no shipping costs and instant delivery.

2021 is the last year for the United States silver eagle coin. They will only be produced for half of the year. We are expecting a large shipment of 2021 silver eagles later this month.

We have in stock BU backdated silver eagles and silver maple leafs along with other silver coins, and a large selection of 999 silver bullion from one ounce rounds up to 100 ounce bars.

Financial advisors recommend you have 5-15% of your portfolio in precious metals. They perform well in times of uncertainty and in an inflationary environment. With the national debt nearing an astounding 30 trillion dollars and a shutdown of the economy, it seems clear that all commodities will rise. They are all priced in dollars. The money printing machines are working 24/7 printing more money. You cannot print gold and silver. Last year silver rose 43% and gold rose nearly 25% to a new record.

The Federal Reserve, which prints money to buy United States debt is on record as saying they will allow inflation to go over 2%. Historically, gold and silver have held their value in inflationary times for over 5000 years.

We are located at 109 Main Street in downtown Hudson. We are directly opposite the big white Unitarian church. There is plenty of parking behind the building and on Main Street. Come visit our clean, well-lit store and see our large selection. We are open 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the week and 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. 

Oh, and did I mention we make house calls and we buy estates?

For more information call 978-562-1068 or visit


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