Algonquin science teacher ends term with surprising new ‘friend’


By Debra Roberts, Contributing Writer

Northborough teacher Kevin Hausmann found this snowman in his truck in the Algonquin parking lot.
Northborough teacher Kevin Hausmann found this snowman in his truck in the Algonquin Regional High School parking lot.
Hausmann's new "friend" (a snowman) with an Algonquin hat greeted him with a smile.
Hausmann’s new “friend” greeted him with a smile.

Northborough – Algonquin Regional High School (ARHS) science teacher Kevin Hausmann received an uplifting surprise after closing out a long semester on Feb. 5. Exhausted from the week, he packed up to head home for the weekend and was greeted in the parking lot by a new “friend” standing inside his pick-up truck — a smiling snowman donning an ARHS hat.

Not knowing who was responsible for this, but delighted by the gesture, Hausmann made the decision to drive home with his new friend (very slowly) and managed to get him all the way home still intact. The snowman was displayed proudly at his new home—a rock wall.

The snowman survived the trip home to Hausmann's driveway.
The snowman survived the trip home to Hausmann’s driveway.
The snowman finds his new home on a rock wall where he can continue to spread his cheer.

Curious to solve the mystery, Hausmann posted on social media, “Anyone at Algonquin want to fess up to this fantastic surprise?” Some respondents guessed that perhaps it was a friendly senior prank.

A day later Hausmann posted an update: “Culprits identified!”  He found out that the pranksters were fellow science teachers, Lori

Algonquin science teachers Lori Mott (l), Emma Travassos, and Courtney Gilpin (not pictured) were the three teachers responsible for surprising Hausmann with the snowman.

Mott, Emma Travassos and Courtney Gilpin, who took some photos with the snowman after they placed it inside Hausmann’s truck.

Hausmann, who teaches multiple science subjects, has been a teacher at ARHS for over 15 years. He is also the faculty advisor of the school’s Best Buddies Club and the Unified Sports Coordinator .

Photos/courtesy of Kevin Hausmann






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