Family Dental Group of Northborough expands services, thanks community


By Barbara Allen, Contributing Writer 

Dr. Archana Karkhanis-Lavana of Family Dental
Dr. Archana Karkhanis-Lavana

Northborough – Although Family Dental Group of Northborough, 318 Main Street, Suite 180, has always accepted patients of all ages, they are currently expanding their pediatric patient services. The Northborough location now accepts MassHealth for children. Over the past six months, two additional dental hygienists, Sylvia Bykowski and Kristen Wisell, have also been hired, bringing to the practice their gentleness, caring, and experience working with children. 

Family Dental Group of Northborough is overseen by Dr. Archana Karkhanis-Lavana who, with husband and fellow dentist, Dr. Nikhil Lavana, own and operate the three-location practice, which includes sites in Paxton and Gardner.

Dr. Nikhil Lavana of Family Dental
Dr. Nikhil Lavana

The first visit

According to Karkhanis-Lavana, the American Dental Association recommends that the first dental visit wait until the child is at least three years of age. 

That initial dental encounter might include meeting the hygienists, Dr. Karkhanis-Lavana, and perhaps a ride up and down in the dental chair! If children seem open to a cleaning being done on the first visit, all’s well and good. If not…

“We don’t force them,” Karkhanis-Lavana stressed.

From the dental chair young patients can watch cartoons on a TV set in the exam room.

“We make it a comfort zone for them,” she explained.

Dental hygienist Kristen Wisell
Dental hygienist Kristen Wisell of Family Dental

Not just for kids

Family Dental Group of Northborough offers all their patients, no matter what their age, quality dental services. These include, but are not limited to, comprehensive exams, routine cleaning, fillings, and crowns. Root canals, implants and simple extractions are also done on-site.


COVID-19 response

Family Dental Group of Northborough implemented many changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We offer one-on-one service,” Karkhanis-Lavana noted. “We don’t work on three or four patients at the same time, only one person per provider.”

The office installed air filtration units, added UV lights in their duct system, increased the amount of wiping down of surfaces morning, evening and between patients, and closed their waiting room. Patients must wait in their cars for a hygienist or dental assistant to take their temperature before they enter the premises. Mask wearing is required. Strict personal protective equipment (PPE) standards are maintained by staff, which include double-masking and wearing face shields. New glass barriers at the front desk help to maintain social distancing.

Dental hygienist Sylvia Bykowski of Family Dental
Dental hygienist Sylvia Bykowski

Gratitude for community support

“We’d like to thank the people who supported us during the pandemic,” stated Karkhanis-Lavana. “They helped to keep the business open. They believed we could keep our patients safe. We appreciate that and would encourage everyone to continue to support us in the future.”

“We’ll take care of your family as we would our own,” she added.

To learn more, visit their website.

For appointments, call 508-466-7211.


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