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Dakota Antelman’s article captured the spirit of the volunteer vaccine clinics on January 7th & 8th (“Marlborough doctor runs COVID-19 vaccine clinic for school nurses,” Jan. 18, 2021). We’ll be re-vaccinating these same volunteers and nurses tomorrow.  

I would like to publicly thank the eight superintendents and their nurse leaders without whose prompt action we couldn’t have succeeded.

Four weeks ago, I received the immediate burden of stewardship of a small supply of precious vaccine. My phone calls were immediately communicated to Southborough Fire Chief Steven Achilles and Police Chief Kenneth Paulhus who recognized that Northborough-Southborough Superintendent Greg Martineau would help me consider next steps.

Within 36 hours of receiving those hundred doses, eight superintendents contacted me and 70 nurses and doctors were vaccinated. Hudson Superintendent Dr. Marco Rodrigues even served as a key volunteer, helping me organize and oversee this all-volunteer effort.

These public servants felt responsible for the safety of our schools’ nurses. Their confidence and prompt action were essential to our operational success.  

The nurses were not only vaccinees but volunteers themselves. Many of them had already committed as volunteers to vaccinate our first responders. Youngsters are most contagious in the day that they first develop symptoms of COVID-19. Unvaccinated school nurses are clearly in harm’s way on our behalf. So, it was truly my honor to deliver care alongside those who serve and protect us all.  

Thank you for reporting on our activity. It’s rare for volunteers to be able to help our highly competent municipal employees in this region. Plus, our community needs to read this sort of good news, now more than ever.  



Louis Kuchnir, MD, PhD

Kuchnir Dermatology


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