‘DUKWS on parade’ in Shrewsbury


DUKWs on parade on Lake Quinsigamond, 1959
DUKWs on parade on Lake Quinsigamond, 1959
Photo/Michael Perna, Jr.

By Michael Perna, Jr., Contributing Writer

Shrewsbury – As we know these days, DUKW (or “Duck”) tours are a popular attraction, with probably the most well-known venue being in Boston. What a lot of younger people don’t realize is the history of the DUKW.

These amphibious vehicles were produced by General Motors during World War II, with over 20,000 being made for both the U. S. and British armed forces. The name “DUKW” was actually GMC model nomenclature as follows: “D” for designed in 1942, “U” for utility, “K” for all-wheel drive, and “W” for dual-tandem rear axles.

After its service time was over, the DUKW was sold as surplus, with tour companies as far away as London buying them and using them for tours. Locally, a DUKW “regatta” was held in August of 1959 on Lake Quinsigamond – one of the DUKWs is shown in our photograph this week, taken from an old 35 mm slide.




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