Welch for Westborough Board of Selectmen


Letter to the Editor imageTo the Editor: 

My family has known Patrick Welch and his family for over 15 years. He started as our neighbor and developed into a close friend and trusted advisor for all things Westborough.

Being neighbors we have raised our families together and have supported each other over the years in both challenging and celebratory times. Over the years, I have often leveraged Patrick’s extensive knowledge of Westborough schools, town programs and activities and he is always approachable, kind and has several perspectives to offer.  

Patrick’s innate capacity to care for those around him is very apparent. He is always ready and willing to lend a hand either with day-to-day tasks or with guidance on town or school matters. I have always appreciated Patrick’s conscious awareness and respect of other’s opinions and beliefs. The Welches treat their neighbors as part of their family. We can always count and trust in Patrick and his family to have their neighbors’ best interest at heart.  

I support Patrick Welch for Board of Selectmen for Westborough.


Kathleen Delgado





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