Happy 90th birthday to Westborough’s Nelson Ball!


Happy 90th birthday to Westborough’s Nelson Ball!
Friends fete Nelson Ball (wearing the Cape Cod sweatshirt) for his 90th birthday at the Westborough Pickleball Courts.
photo/Bonnie Adams

By Bonnie Adams, Managing Editor

Westborough – Nelson Ball is an esteemed businessman and dedicated volunteer in Westborough. He is also considered the town’s “Mr. Pickleball!”

Thanks to his leadership, the town now has eight pickleball courts located across from Lake Chauncy, that are enjoyed year-round by players of all ages. (During the winter months, volunteers clean snow and ice off the courts so games can ensue.)

On March 3, Ball’s friends and fans gathered at the courts to surprise him with a small party in honor of his 90th birthday. After a rousing singing of “Happy Birthday,” Ball did what he loves best – continued playing his favorite game.