Truck hits low bridge in Westborough


By Dakota Antelman, Managing Editor

Truck hits low bridge in Westborough
A semi trucker assesses damage after plowing his vehicle through the low clearance East Main St. Bridge in Westborough. (Photo by/Dave Bagdon)

Westborough – A truck hit Westborough’s East Main St. train bridge, March 10, leaving a spectacular sight of crumpled metal in its wake.

A photo taken shortly after 12 p.m., indeed, shows a large white semi truck come to a stop next to Dunkin Donuts on the northern side of the bridge. Police were on hand while the truck’s roof lay dragged behind it.

Trucks have hit the train bridge before as town officials have said private GPS services frequently route truckers through downtown. Trying to counteract those issues, those officials have implemented everything from bilingual signage to flashing lights warning of this span’s low clearance.

Truck hits low bridge in Westborough
A crumpled truck’s roof remains on the roadway next to Dunkin Donuts in Westborough after a semi trailer crashed into the infamous Main St. train bridge. (Photo submitted by Ashley Curran)

As crashes have kept happening, this one does stand out. Rather than getting stuck when he crashed, like many other truckers, this driver kept driving, clearing the bridge but also removing his entire roof.