Fun on a fire truck in Shrewsbury


By Michael Perna Jr., Contributing Writer

A White City fire truck (From Kiddieland)
A White City fire truck (From Kiddieland)
Photo/Michael Perna Jr.

Shrewsbury – Some local residents of a “certain age” might remember visiting “Kiddieland” at the old White City Amusement Park. The park featured two fire trucks that were used to give children rides – one was a full-sized vehicle, with the other being a smaller version built specifically for children.

The full-sized truck has been preserved to this day, owned by a local resident. The smaller truck is shown in our photograph, being part of a Shrewsbury Women’s Club parade that travelled along Route 9 in September of 1959, almost exactly a year before the White City closed on Labor Day, 1960. Whatever happened to this particular truck is not known.



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