Westborough High Students Commit to College Athletics


A small number of students have already committed to college for athletics.
A small number of students have already committed to college for athletics.

Westborough – With the college application season winding down, high school seniors everywhere are anxiously awaiting their acceptance letters. A small number of students, however, have already committed to college for athletics. Some such Westborough High School (WHS) students are Emma Mumby, Ty Allen, and Jack Board. Emma Mumby is committed to Babson College for soccer as well as track and field, Ty Allen to Western New England University for lacrosse, and Jack Board to Wheaton College for lacrosse. 

“It feels amazing to be committed to college so early in my senior year. So much stress has been lifted off of my shoulders, both academically and athletically,” Mumby said. “I also feel very excited because Babson College was my number one college choice.”

Mumby plans to earn a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in entrepreneurship or marketing.


Higher level sports

Indeed, committing to college early on can be a huge relief for seniors. It’s also an exciting prospect to be able to continue playing sports at a higher level.

“I think this will be by far the hardest level of play I have ever and will ever achieve and I am excited to see what exactly that brings,” Board remarked.

Board plans to major in Economics and business management, with a concentration in finance. 

For some, playing a sport in college has been a dream since childhood.

“Growing up ever since the age of around five I can remember talking to my dad about college sports and how that was something I wanted to do one day,” Board said. 

“I’ve known that I wanted to play lacrosse in college since I started lacrosse and held a stick in my hands,” added Allen, who will major in business.


Community support

For freshmen, being part of a team can be a great way to create a community when you first arrive at college. 

“For both soccer and track, I love being part of a team. Everyone is always very supportive and hardworking, which pushes me to improve as a player and runner,” Mumby said. “All of the coaches at Babson are very supportive and I already feel like I am part of the team.”

“I am most excited to meet new people in college and form new friendships with those people. For Lacrosse, I would say that it would definitely be the bond formed between players and coaches alike which was why I choose WNEU,” Allen commented.

Of course, these students have received help and support from family and friends along the way.

“He really helped create my love of sports, not in a pushy way, but introduced me to basically every sport growing up and allowed me to pick which ones resonated with me.  I have learned a lot about the game of lacrosse from him. I really respect his hard work and it pushes me to become the best version of myself,” said Board of his father, one of his biggest supporters.

“My parents and coaches have been huge supporters to me throughout my entire life and college process,” Mumby shared, whose father has been her soccer coach since she was four years old. 

“Everyone that has helped me get to where I am today has helped me and impacted my journey in a different way. My friends, family, and coaches have helped me a ton with support and guidance,” Allen said.

The WHS community is incredibly proud of its athletes, and wishes all graduating seniors the best of luck next year.




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