E.W. Gemme & Sons Co. boasts four generations of home improvement experience


E.W. Gemme & Sons Co. boasts four generations of home improvement experience
Multiple generations of Gemme family members now work in their beloved family business, E.W. Gemme & Sons.

By Nance Ebert, Contributing Writer

GRAFTON – E.W. Gemme & Sons Co., Inc., a family-owned and operated business since 1907, offers quality interior/exterior painting, carpentry, power washing and more. Their exemplary workmanship extends to Worcester County and the surrounding towns while being based in Grafton. 

The company history is rich. Family patriarch Paul Gemme came to Worcester from New Bedford in 1907. There, he started a family painting business. His second-oldest son eventually took over the company, only to see his work interrupted by World War II. Decades later, in 1970, Roger Gemme took the baton only to recently appoint his son Rene as E.W Gemme’s latest President/Treasurer. 

A business unlike the others

There are many things that make this particular business stand out from others who might offer similar services. 

Notably, the company has certifications from the EPA for lead licensing. As a lead-safe certified firm, E.W. Gemme reassures customers that they won’t let particles spread into the environment when removing lead paint. 

All of the residential and commercial work that they do, likewise, is guaranteed. They pay close attention to detail and are always prompt, professional and courteous. 

Their repeat customers and referrals, they say, are a testament to their hard work and dedication to the company. 

“We value the job, no matter how big or small it might be,” Rene recently told the Community Advocate. “Pleasing our customers is always our top priority, and we take great pride in our workmanship. There is nothing more satisfying than a thrilled customer.” 

“Thank you for your excellent work and the superior customer service,” one recent customer testimonial read, backing up that focus. “We are so happy, and we look forward to working with you in the spring.”

A family passion

There are four primary employees working at E.W. Gemme & Sons Co. During the warmer months, they’re joined by extra hires. 

The business has certainly evolved over the years from simply painting houses to new jobs that require more artistry and creativity, like color matching with stains and more. 

Exterior work now includes power washing, sanding, caulking, painting, staining, gold leafing, carpentry and more. 

Interior work encompasses painting, staining, refinishing surfaces, color matching, decorator services and more. 

 “Our training has been one hundred percent on the job, and we have all learned the trade from generation to generation,” Rene said. “I started in 1993 and have worked my way up. Together, the four of us have 166 years of experience.”

A seasonal opportunity for additional work

With this type of business, one of the challenges the Gemme family faces is the weather. Mother Nature does not always cooperate when working outdoors.  

Sometimes this is out of anyone’s control. But, in general, as the weather warms up, E.W. Gemme is able to handle more work outside.

As the spring rolls in, Rene Gemme invites customers to reach out about any work they need done at their homes.

 “E. W. Gemme & Sons Co., Inc. has a slogan,” he said. “It costs less to do the job right the first time.” 

E.W. Gemme & Sons Co. is located at 58 Hudson Ave., Grafton, MA, 01519. They can be reached by phone at 508.839-4775 or 508.757-5239. Their website is www.ewgemmeandsons.com