Whitcomb students study poetry with chalk haiku illustrations


Whitcomb students study poetry with chalk haiku illustrations
Photo courtesy/Denise Keane
A student’s haiku sits on the sidewalk at Whitcomb Middle School.

By Dakota Antelman, Managing Editor

MARLBOROUGH – Seventh grade students at Marlborough’s Whitcomb Middle School enjoyed fun in the sun April 14 when they stepped outside with their English Language Arts class. 

The students are part of Ken Boisselle’s class at the school. They’re currently studying poetry and as such, spent time using chalk to write and illustrate their own haiku poems on their school campus.

“We are very proud of them,” Whitcomb paraeducator and Bosselli’s colleague Denise Keane wrote in a message to the Community Advocate following the excursion.

The haikus themselves varied in topic. 

“I hear deep silence, I see darkness and brightness, pure air comes from the atmosphere,” read one poem wrapped in illustrated planets and comets.

“And our world burns, we will have to beware, climate change is real,” read another. 

An intricately drawn burning globe sat next to those words.

Another student drew a birthday cake next to their poem. 

One other sketched out a Marlborough themed football field.

“It’s so cool and [it’s the] first thing they’ve got to do outside [this year]!” Keane said.