Election letters: Capobianco, Odone for Planning Board


Letter to the Editor logoWe have been residents of Northborough for 20 years and want nothing more than for our town to prosper. The past several weeks, we have been surprised by the level of personal attacks coming from the Martinek/Ziton campaign. We have done our research, as we would do for any election and learned that Martinek, Ziton and Theresa Capobianco served on the Planning Board together and voted the same way on one of the most divisive issues in this campaign. And yet, as we look at Facebook, there seems to be a different narrative being spun against Theresa Capobianco and even Glenn Odone who was not even on the board at the time!

We are relieved to say there have not been any statements from Theresa and Glenn against the Martinek/Ziton campaign. They have been working hard to reach the voters personally by talking to them, getting out in the community, and interacting with people face to face. Their focus is what is best for our town.

Theresa Capobianco and Glenn Odone are honest, upstanding citizens who run their own businesses in town. Their qualifications combined, although not required far exceed who should be on this board. Every day they are helping residents of Northborough solve legal and zoning problems. They would bring that expertise, approach, and demeanor to the Planning Board. 

We want to thank both Theresa and Glenn for their desire and willingness to donate their time if elected, to make it their mission to help make Northborough a sustainable, prosperous and SAFE town. 

Join us in voting for integrity, professionalism, knowledge, and respect. Glenn Odone and Theresa Capobianco are the best choices for Northborough’s Planning Board. 


— Jon and Samantha Hanna

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