Election letters: Capobianco, Odone for Planning Board


Letter to the Editor logoI am writing with concerns relative to Kerri Martinek and Anthony Ziton as planning board members.  In 2018, the Town adopted a bylaw concerning duplexes – a fantastic opportunity to provide affordable housing for people who want to live in Northborough but cannot afford the skyrocketing prices. This bylaw included the option for a waiver on the amount of land in front of the building.  If the location and lot were the proper size but the amount of land along the street not sufficient, the Planning Board could give a waiver for the frontage so the project could move forward.  

After residents voted in that bylaw, both Ziton and Martinek declared at public meetings in 2018 and 2019 that they will never allow a waiver for frontage on a duplex application. 

Making a declaration that you will never do something is unfair to the applicants.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to make their case.  If you’re a landowner in Northborough and want to develop your property, how would you feel knowing your chances are gone before you even speak? Like you had no voice? That the town doesn’t care? That the process is unfair? 

We deserve better for our town. Our town is getting a reputation.  One potential resident looking to move to town with horses has gone as far to refer to us as “No-Boro”. 

Theresa Capobianco and Glenn Odone will set a different tone. I’ve talked to them about this issue – they’ll approach each case without prejudice in an unbiased way and will take facts and concerns of the residents into consideration and make rational decisions. They’re forward thinking, open minded, and will apply the bylaws that we adopted to ALL projects before them.   

Everyone has the right to due process which is protected by the Constitution. To deny applicants that right opens our town up to expensive lawsuits that we the taxpayers have to pay. We need people on the Planning Board who understand that and protect ALL of our rights. I’m voting for Theresa Capobianco and Glenn Odone on May 11. I hope you’ll join me.

— Kimberlee Girard

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