Election letters: Capobianco, Odone for Planning Board


Letter to the Editor logoI am writing to support Glenn Odone and Theresa Capobianco for Planning Board. I have watched many planning board meetings, and am appalled by Kerri Martinek’s treatment of the applicants and their team. She’s aggressive and adversarial – this is so unnecessary. The most glaring example is January 19, 2021, Martinek muted Attorney Mark Donohue as he was attempting to explain his client’s subdivision project because he wasn’t saying what she wanted to hear. Even worse, when reviewing the minutes for this meeting on March 16, 2021 Martinek scrubbed all reference to her conduct from the minutes so as to avoid embarrassment. But she should be embarrassed.

We are developing a reputation of being a town which is difficult to work with – land owners are frustrated and don’t want to deal with the board. This is not good, as we need the economic support of local business for both tax revenue and jobs. We need suitable housing for our elders looking to downsize, our children going out on their own, and those looking to come to Northborough for the first time. With Martinek as chair, there has been only one application determined by the planning board for a residential project – and Anthony Ziton denied that application.

When our leaders treat those before them disrespectfully, it reflects poorly on all of us. We need board members who will honor everyone’s right to due process, and won’t mute people out of dislike or disdain. Capobianco and Odone are fair-minded, open to all comments and explanations, and will be respectful to everyone before them.

I don’t want a planning board that has a reputation for being disrespectful to applicants. Nor do I want board members who make decisions based upon their personal preferences rather than the needs of the Town as a whole. Odone & Capobianco will work to improve this town’s reputation by treating ALL with respect, and by fully and fairly considering all projects with open minds and considering the best interests of the Town. I’m voting for Odone & Capobianco. I hope you do too, to save our reputation!!

— Andrea Leland

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