Election letters: Capobianco, Odone for Planning Board


Letter to the Editor logoI’m voting for Theresa Capobianco and Glenn Odone for Planning Board.  The Martinek/Ziton campaign has been offering fear as a campaign tactic. They’ve told you that Theresa Capobianco is responsible for the warehouses on Bartlett Street. What they are leaving out is their own YES vote for those same warehouses. How do they look their friends and supporters in the eyes knowing the truth? How do they separate themselves from that same decision and out the finger at Theresa? We deserve better. We deserve someone who has and will stand by and explain their votes. 

Here is the truth. The Bartlett Street area where the warehouses are located has been zoned for industrial development since 1953. The owners of the land have the right to present any project that falls within the permitted use under the bylaws. That includes warehouses. 

Martinek and Ziton approved two of those warehouses in 2018, without voicing any concerns or opposition despite being on the board and having the opportunity to do so.  The truth is that Martinek and Ziton have been less than forthcoming with the facts regarding warehouses. Martinek and Ziton lack the integrity to take responsibility for their role in those two decisions. Instead, they blame Capobianco and anyone else for their own decisions. It’s an inconvenient truth in their campaign to please people. 

I don’t want someone who cannot take responsibility for their own actions to be on any board or committee in Northborough. We are a town of honest people, people of integrity. This campaign has shown that Martinek and Ziton lack honesty and integrity. Theresa Capobianco has owned every decision she’s made as a former planning board member, and she provides the full facts. I’ve known Glenn Odone for many years, and he is an honest and fair person with an open mind and willingness to hear all sides. I want my planning board to have members with integrity. I’m voting for Odone and Capobianco who will bring deep knowledge, integrity, and a professional approach to the work of the Planning Board. 

–Mike Vulcano, Northborough resident

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