Election letters: Martinek, Ziton for Planning Board, Hirsh, Wixted for Selectmen


Letter to the Editor logoI am writing in support of 4 candidates currently running for elected office in Northborough – Kerri Martinek and Anthony Ziton for Planning Board and Julianne Hirsh and Kristen Wixted for Board of Selectmen.

Planning Board

Both Ms. Martinek and Mr. Ziton have a proven track record of accomplishments in their time on the current Planning Board. They have fought to uphold town by-laws that protect residents and ensure due diligence before issuing special permits to applicants. They brought in the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission to provide guidance on the changing needs of our town, especially in regard to an untenable truck traffic situation near the regional high school and were then able to secure a grant from the CMRPC to implement mitigation measures in response to the traffic safety issues in the area. They take the time to develop meaningful relationships with all residents including senior citizens and people with disabilities so they can better serve them.  Their relationships with both residents and businesses give them insight into the evolving needs of the citizens of Northborough and allow them to appropriately amend by-laws that best reflect our changing environment.

Board of Selectmen

Julianne Hirsh has sometimes been the sole representative on the Board of Selectmen that listens to the concerns of the citizens of Northborough and does not dismiss them. She is a respectful and thoughtful advocate and voice for us on the Board where it is sorely lacking. She has encouraged and implemented better communication between Town Hall and residents including easier access to Selectmen’s emails and a more user friendly town website.

Kristen Wixted is a champion of the environment, women’s rights, senior citizens needs and contributions as well as promoting and encouraging diversity and inclusion.  She is a proponent of collaborating with other towns to find solutions to similar problems we’re facing and to build better working relationships.

Northborough residents would be incredibly lucky to continue to have the three incumbents with the addition of Ms. Wixted to best represent and advocate for our town and it’s future.

— Rachael Armstrong

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