Election letters: Verma, Hirsh for Selectman


Letter to the Editor logoWhy I support the re-election of Julianne Hirsh and the election of Vikram Verma. I listened to Ms. Hirsh at the Candidates Night and found most of her answers align with my belief in what the BOS responsibilities should be. I applaud her attempts at transparency, appreciate the suggestions for selectman to have town emails, revamping the interview for appointment process and I agree that at the end of BOS meetings a discussion on what topics should be discussed for future agendas makes sense. I support Mr. Verma, because he has no personal agenda, has an open mind and the business acumen that will work well with the fiscal responsibilities of the BOS. He seemed sincere in his desire to serve the community.  

I could not vote for Ms. Wixted for several reasons. First, I found it troubling that her literature states she is “Supporting the voices of the impressive and intelligent new generation of women in town.” As a 34-yr. resident, over the age of 60, I have to ask myself “why doesn’t she support me?” “is it already time to put me and others out to pasture?” Didn’t we just collectively as a nation, mourn the loss of RBG at the active age of 87 in the same year we elected a 78-yr old for President? Come on, age is a number not a determining factor of intelligence. The literature also states, “Needs of our Senior Citizens, and a celebration of their stories” Then during the candidate’s night she suggested that seniors could be sharing those stories with elementary school children. Ha, be careful what you ask for, those stories may include underage drinking, driving reckless and listening to Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull, it was the 60’s and 70’s after all.  If you really care about the seniors, don’t patronize us, value our experience and respect our opinions. Well, it’s 4 o’clock somewhere guess its time for supper, then jeopardy and lights out.

— Fran Bakstran

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