Election letters: Ziton, Martinek for Planning Board, Hirsh for Selectman


Letter to the Editor logoThe Town of Northborough residents are encouraged to re-elect Kerri Martinek and Anthony Ziton to the Planning Board and Julianne Hirsh to the Board of Selectmen in our upcoming May 11 election. These good folks provide a voice for the people. They have done a remarkable job for the town and its residents while under tremendous duress from special interest. They are working to establish a pattern of consistency to the application of our laws and regulations and have provided well reasoned decision making based on sound policies and equity for all. They have earn the right to serve a second term. Your support is sought to continue their experience, leadership and unbiased reviews to both the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen. Vote for fair, honest and conscientious representation.

— Gib and Joyce Chase

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