Election letters: Ziton, Martinek for Planning Board, Hirsh, Wixted for Selectmen


Letter to the Editor logoI am writing in support of Anthony Ziton and Kerri Martinek for Northborough Planning Board and Julianne Hirsh and Kristen Wixted for Board of Selectmen. 

Being an attorney who has practiced in residential and commercial real estate, represented both developers and municipalities, and worked closely with planning and zoning boards, I know the qualifications of an excellent candidate. For matters related to development, you want someone who has no ties, professional or monetarily, directly or indirectly, to matters that will appear before them. Mr. Ziton and Ms. Martinek are impartial and thorough in their examination of matters before the Planning Board. They are both pro-traffic safety and have been working hard to ensure our town is safe for all. 

For the Board of Selectmen, it is helpful to have candidates that are creative and thorough as well. They have a proven track record of upholding bylaws which protect our residents. Selectwoman Hirsh has shown true dedication to this position the last three years, and bases her questions and votes on what residents want or what has not been covered by others. She has been very supportive of traffic safety and a streamlined system for requests. Ms. Wixted became involved in local government through her own concerns on traffic safety and looks forward to being a voice for others (women, seniors, minorities, LGBTQIA+, and neurodiverse) while serving our community. Please vote for a future Northborough that is safe and prosperous for all, vote Ziton, Martinek, Hirsh & Wixted on May 11!


— Suzanne Familo Cieslica 

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